Saturday, June 16, 2007

Google Apps for Educators eLearning software suite...

I have recently interviewed for a job working in the non-profit industry focused on improving urban education in Chicago using eLearning solutions, specifically web-based collaborative environments that offer students and mentors a unique opportunity to track their activities through time to evaluate progress.

Given the opportunity to transform the web-presence of a large or small academic institution the first thing I would do is install Google Apps for Educators on the local servers, which I believe will emerge as the industry standard for web-based collaborative learning experiences.
  • I suggest Google's new local service because in my opinion it has the best overall package for users, and offers every tool necessary to create easily tracked and evaluated interaction between teacher and subject. Details on the capabilities of the software suite can be found here.
  • The education specific suite also has a lively online discussion group that is used by developers, librarians and other educators to share tips.
  • Infinite Thinking Machine is a Google sponsored blog for educators and has been one of the driving forces behind my thinking on eLearning.
  • Establishing a good working relationship with the internet's best search engine offers great opportunity to optimize the center's websites and blogs to maximize its web presence and internet traffic. Google Grants is the current project the company offers non-profit organizations to increase their exposure in their AdSense online advertising program.
There are alternative project management packages that deserve consideration, such as Moodle, Drupal, Joomla and others which will be discussed further in subsequent posts.

Google has an entire division focused on developing online tools for educators to make the classroom environment more engaging and valuable.One very powerful concept that I believe to be under-appreciated by educators, whether it be at the elementary, secondary, or post-graduate levels, is that of the "digital native", which is the emerging generation of internet users that are drawn instinctively to the internet to find solutions to all types of problems and information needs. By harnessing the tools available from Google for managing large eLearning experiences on a local server, educators from elementary to post-graduate levels will have top of the line content management solutions driving the learning process and keeping students engaged.


Move Foreward said...

I setup Google Apps at my school for 2 English classes 3 weeks ago (Feb. 2008).

Google Apps has been great. Students are able to collaborate both with the teacher and with other students for group assignments. Marks are posted on-line. Teacher Calendar is a great organizational tool. I have had no negative comments. I have had other teachers ask me to get their classes on-line. Best part - It’s free.

More info see ….

Thomas said...

All fields and businesses can use Project Management Software. It’s important to be organized and even the simplest mistake will hurt your project in the end. Utilize technology to the point that will help with all aspects of your business and you’ll see very quickly how beneficial it can be for you.

robert said...

I am constantly working on it, and my main problem is that the "shiny new object" syndrome, which means that I tend to deal with the newest things that come in first, even when I have others, perhaps less exciting ones, pending. Working on it!

Thomas said...

ERP team, we built the process and the tools for effective web application version management for better serving our customers. I’ll mention about these. ERP applications have a very large code base with many database tables. To keep the requirement change in minimum is almost impossible. Every project may lead to new tables, new columns, and new business logic.

Thomas said...

Any bug fix causes a new version. Accumulating these fixes into a single version is a good practice. Sometimes, some fixes may be very urgent and needs a fast version release period. A fix request is entered our bug system, then development manager inspects this problem then if he thinks that it is related with code then approve it for developer’s attention.

CloudSource said...

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